Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quick Update

Here I sit, writing you from Hotel Entrepinos in San Ignacio, El Salvador.  High ceilings with cascading windows and a hand-painted wall entailing a scene with a white Central American cathedral surround me while the sound of a Spanish newscast echoes throughout the hall.  A bright blue pool sits outside the open veranda and a wall of green vines crawl the fence as if trying to edge their way inside.  At long last I have arrived not only at this physical place but at this point in my life where I have begun youth development in Latin America, something I have dreamed of doing for so many years.

The floor-to-ceiling painting reminiscent of an old time in El Salvador
A number of events have led to today; and while they all feel like just moments ago, they have passed as if in a whirlwind.  First, I began the close of my service in Botswana, was the guest of honor at not one, not two, but THREE farewell parties, I took a trip to the Indian Ocean, and then flew to the United States where I was fortunate enough to spend time with friends and family both in Colorado and in Arizona.  After only a few short weeks, I was whisked away again on a plane and set foot in the humidity of San Salvador, El Salvador. Two speedy days of training, a Salvadorian Smashburger, and a bus ride later, I arrived at the lush, mountainous town of La Palma to meet my host family. 

The new group of 5 Response volunteers and our country director, Jaime, sworn in on July 16, 2014
And from here, I will begin to tell you the details of the previous events as close to my memory as possible.
My new site in La Palma, Chalatenango as well as my new site mate Jonas.
Please check in the next few days as I slowly update!     

More news and pictures to come!

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