Monday, July 30, 2012

So I got peed on today...but this is what else is happening

Today has been such a great day!
Which is pretty odd..considering it’s a Monday. 
Let me fill you in a bit on what’s been going on in Gobojango this past week:
My counterpart is still on leave, which makes me sad, because I usually just sit in the consulting room with him during the day and talk and joke. But it’s given me an opportunity to actually accomplish some work in the clinic.  I scheduled a series of health talks to begin today (which they did) and also arranged an aerobics class (to begin tomorrow).
I’ve met with the Village Development Committee, the Social & Community Development Officer, and Primary school and have begun to make arrangements with them to focus on some goals to accomplish during my two years here.  Near-sightedly thinking, I am hoping to build shade for the Primary School’s new recreational park, and in the future, I would love to begin the arrangements of applying for funding for a new Library in Gobojango. This would not only help the out of school youth to have somewhere to be besides the bars, but also bring a sense of unity between the community and the schools.  The ideal operation would be to get internet as well. This week, I still must meet with the Junior Secondary School to schedule when I will be going there for the next couple years and meet with the village kgosi (or chief) to get some information regarding the history and logistics of my village.
Enough of the boring stuff! Let me fill you in on today!
So I was originally planning to hold my health talks at 8:00am when the majority of the patients were waiting for the doctor to arrive, but as I stepped into the waiting area and faced with an empty room, I decided to change the time to 9:00am.  I am so happy I did.  Once the doctor arrived at around 9, the swarm of patients arrived as well.  The whole staff congregated near the front of the room, and I began my discussion about maternal health.  This morning, I threw together a poster with some material that I had printed out last week.  It served as my guide, and as I spoke, more and more people came to listen.  I tried as best as I could to speak in Setswana, but unfortunately, words like “preconception” and “postnatal care” are not quite in my vocabulary yet.  Therefore, I had the head nurse of the health post translate for me.
After the session, a number of people asked questions, and I provided them with Jolly Ranchers as a special surprise for participating.  The doctor filmed as much as he could, and everyone left with a bit more information than they had originally intended. 
It felt glorious.
A couple weeks from now, my counterpart is throwing a small get together for me.  Of course, I invited my buddies from the Central District and Topo invited a couple of his as well.  It will be a fun braii!
Also, in-service training is coming up! Which means I’ll be able to travel to Gabs for a couple weeks and see everyone again.  I’m finding myself missing everyone here and there, so IST will be a good time for me to decompress and catch some r&r. 
A child just peed on me.
But other than that, things are going good.
THE BEST PART:                                                                                              
My parents bought me a ticket to come home for Christmas/New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No number of words or exclamation points can portray my excitement at being able to see everyone again and, shoot, maybe even take a shower!
Here’s my itinerary for those of you who are curious:
Departure from Africa…
TUESDAY Dec. 18:              Depart Johannesburg, South Africa at 8:15pm
WEDNESDAY Dec. 19:        Arrive Frankfurt, Germany at 6:15am
                                               Depart Frankfurt, Germany at 10:00 am
                                                Arrive Dallas/Ft Worth, TX at 2:15pm
                                                Depart Dallas/Ft Worth, TX at 3:55pm
                                                Arrive DENVER, CO at 4:59pm
Total Travel time: 29 hours, 44 minutes
Arrival to Africa…THURSDAY Jan. 3:               Depart Denver, Co at 2:55pm
FRIDAY Jan 4:                      Arrive to Frankfurt, Germany at 8:30am
                                                Depart Frankfurt, Germany at 8:45pm
SATURDAY Jan. 5:               Arrive to Johannesburg, South Africa at 8:30am
Total Travel time: 32 hours, 35 minutes
Then, at some point, I have to figure out the bus system from Jo-burg to Palapye, since it only takes a few hours to get from Gobojango to Bobonong to Palapye.
I’m hoping that when I’m in Germany, I can see my dear old friend Rainer.  I looked online, and it appears he lives only a couple hours away and there is a train that takes from Stuttgart to Frankfurt.  AH! How cool! I’m going to Germany! It will be really entertaining to go from the scourges of heat to the blistering cold in just a matter of hours, but I couldn’t ask for another plan.
Well, besides the being peed on part, this day has been great.  I will update you again soon!
Have a fabulous day!

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