Thursday, April 5, 2012

Four Days Left

Four more days!

Four more days and it still doesn't feel like reality...I had one of the best going-away parties I could ask for last Sunday.  My friends and family who were here warmed my heart so greatly, I felt so honored to have so many amazing people in my life. 
Pictures will be up soon.

On that note, I was looking through the pictures of our cruise a couple weeks ago and had a mini-meltdown.  Where did the time go?  Often, while I'm trying to sleep at night and the blackness has enveloped my room, I'm taken aback at the fact that my dad came home more than a month ago and I still feel as if I haven't had enough time with him, or my mom, or Geoff, or anyone else for that matter.  So many things are happening right now at home that I almost feel obligated to stay.

But then I remind myself why I'm doing this, and find solace in the fact that I'll see my whole family on Sunday one last time for Easter.  If there were any better time to go, it would have been last week so I wouldn't have to go through all these goodbyes...
I'm really dreading the goodbyes....

I know these mixed feelings are a production of all of the anticipation I'm feeling, and I promise to post more positively throughout the course of this adventure, but right now my emotions are careening on a roller coaster.  One minute I can't contain my excitement, the next I want to break into tears.

My parents bought me an external hard drive for the computer, so I've downloaded a DVD ripping program and plan to take that with me to help fill the gaps of emptiness.  And I broke my "We're Back" DVD (Super sad face...)

But other than that, I'm going horseback riding today with Hannah, to kind of clear my head, and line dancing tonight for her bday.  I've finally moved all my stuff in from the garage from Tucson (finally, right?) and am saving packing for tomorrow.  At least that gives me my weekend to be worry-free. 

Four more goes the best four days left in Colorado!!!

Be kind to one another =)

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