Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And now for some silliness =P

Ode to my Best Friend.
Never in my life have I had a friend like you
You’re always there for me when I’m feeling blue.
On those days where the dust accumulates and I feel dirty
You clean my feet and I watch the water turn murky.
When the sweat pours off of my worried forehead
And I feel like the heat is going to make me dead
I know at the end of the day, you’ll be there
Waiting for me to cool off, without a care.
During the cold winter mornings when I can’t get out of bed
You’re there to offer a warm place to rest my head.
When Cleo (my dog) is covered in pap1
You let me wash her, and never make me stop.
When my clothes have been soiled and piling for days
You help me to wash them and snap me out of my daze.
If my sink is clogged, I know where to turn
I wash in your mouth, while both of us learn.
Oh, never in my life have I had a friend so true
This ode is for you, my bath tub, how I love you.

1Pap is a traditional Botswana food made from mealy meal (pronounced “pop”)