Monday, March 12, 2012

Tying up loose ends

How do you prepare for a two-year-long trip with a two-bag, eighty pound limit?
The Peace Corps has sent me an overload of information, and as I arrange all of my loan deferments, insurance priorities, power of attorney information, and everything else I never could have imagined, I’m making sure to spend time with those I love and eat my favorite foods.  I now leave in less than a month, can you believe it?!
I think the full effect has still yet to hit me. 
TJ and Mark arrive tomorrow afternoon (woohoo!) for a quick visit to Colorado.  Then, March 18, they leave and I will depart with my mom, dad, and brother to Los Angeles for our last family vacation for a while.  We arrive back home on the 25th, my going away party is on the 1st of April, my last day of work is April 3rd, then I leave April 9th/10th. Boom boom boom, and just as quickly as this process started, I will be living in Africa…… Say what!??
Last weekend I met a wonderful girl named Tate, with whom I will be traveling from Colorado to Philadelphia, then to Botswana. Meeting her made me all that more excited, and set some of my worries at ease.  I no longer feel like I’m stressing about this alone. 
I’ve also been listening in on a couple conference calls with people currently in-country so I have been milking them for knowledge and information. 
I used to fear all of the unknowns, now that I’m learning more and more about my living situations, I’m mostly just fearful of taking the next steps. 
But fear is a good thing, keeps us on our toes. 
The number one thing I'm wishful for is for these butterflies in my stomach to let me sleep at night.